Are you prepared to travel to the frozen north to find ice-cold jackpots? The new POWERBUCK$ Arctic Gems slot machine might be for you. As part of IGT’s popular range of online jackpot slots, POWERBUCK$ Arctic Gems has a sleek instant-play interface with 50 lines of action and even a bonus of free spins. The progressive jackpot will be the most appealing to high-limit players.

Like all IGT online POWERBUCK$ titles, Arctic Gems features a progressive bank that starts at a cool $1,000,000.00. You will need to wager the minimum amount to qualify. Does POWERBUCK$ Arctic Gems belong in the same category as other jackpot games? Review IGT’s newest game to learn more.

Play 50 pay lines for Just $0.01 per Line

You’ve probably played IGT POWERBUCK$ games on North America’s land-based and online slot machines. The first progressive jackpot in North America was POWERBUCK$. While IGT slots have been available in dozens of casinos across Canada and the US, POWERBUCK$ is slowly finding its way online.

Canadian gambling sites now offer the Arctic Gems slot game for free. The slot machine has five revolutions and three rows but also offers 50 pay lines. The minimum bet is 0.01, and you must wager 75 coins on all win lines.

Win Super Wins by Hunting the White Polar Bears

There are many progressive jackpot slot machines available online. To win big progressive jackpots, you must first master the game. Many symbols appear stacked in POWERBUCK$ Arctic Gems. The wild symbols will also help you boost your wins.

Low-limit symbols include coins with images of northern animals. The most common characters are the fox and the white rabbit, but the glacier is the best for completing winning combinations.

You will see that certain symbols, such as the polar bear or the white fox on reel 1, contain multipliers. You will receive the multiplier amount if you create a winning combination that includes a multiplier. You can get 2x, 5x, or 3x multipliers.

The last four reels also contain a ‘dynamic symbol,’ which can be transformed into a creature symbol. The symbol that fills each dynamic position on the reels is randomly selected.

POWERBUCK$ Jackpot: 1,000,000.00+

The best part about playing POWERBUCK$ Arctic Gems is that you can win a big jackpot with any bet. You can win the POWERBUCK$ jackpot if you wager less than 2.25 per spin. If you wager more than 2.25, then the POWERBUCK$ progressive is yours. It’s important to note that the money you can win depends on your bet.

Both jackpots can only be won in the Polar Picks Bonus. You can activate the bonus by hitting a multiplier during any spin. If you place more bets, your chances of triggering the Polar Picks Bonus will increase. It works the same as most online progressive jackpots. An increase in stake will give the player more tickets to activate the progressive. You select 11 coins that will either award a blank or a gem. Every time a gem appears, a special meter fills up. If you fill the meter with 11 catches, you can release the Jackpot or Progressive.

Free spins can provide a more regular bonus. The feature is triggered by three special bonus symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5. The quality is started immediately, with eight free spins. A separate set of reels is available, featuring wilds, polar bears, and animal symbols. During the round, all symbols with the lowest payouts are removed. You can retrigger this feature up to 80 times.

Win another IGT jackpot with a few Power Hits

POWERBUCK$ Polar Gems are not the first slot machine online to offer a progressive jackpot. IGT’s Power Hits slot, powered by POWERBUCK$, has a top jackpot of 1,000,000.00. For lower-limit players, there are also plenty of smaller banks.

In POWERBUCK$ Power Picks, there are three ways to win big: the Power Picks Bonus, the Power Path Bonus, and the Stacked Wheels bonus. There are 11 lightning bolts (instead animal coins) in the Power Picks Bonus. The progressive meter will be filled if you get a lightning strike. If you miss, your chances of winning are reduced.

The Power Path is similar to a trial bonus. The Power Path requires you to reach the end in less than three dice rolls. You can also win extra spins, cash, or multipliers. The Stacked Wheel Bonus gives you eight “wheels,” which must be collapsed after several spins. You win the jackpot if you can collapse all eight.

Mega Moolah, Microgaming’s world-record-breaking slot machine, is the perfect place to enjoy classic progressive jackpot games. Mega Moolah broke the record for the top ‘Mega” jackpot twice. Like POWERBUCK$ Arctic Gems, the Mega jackpot starts at a cool $1,000,000.00. But lower-stakes gamers can also try their luck at three smaller banks.

Mega Moolah broke the world’s most extensive online casino record in 2015 when a soldier took home PS13.2m ($17.1m). This record was broken a few short years later.

Arctic Jackpots: Travel to the Arctic for a chance to win

The POWERBUCK$ Arctic Gems slot is an exciting online game with many color and bonus games. It also has a massive progressive jackpot. The RTP is only 90%, and the volatility can turn off casual slot players. Any new online progressive slot available to North American players is welcome.

However, if you play the game for a long time, there’s a real chance of winning some big money. Try it for free and see if you can run wild with polar bears and arctic foxes.