Basically I am kind of a friendly guy, love socializing with new people. In fact I spend too much time on social networking sites like Facebook, twitter and Instagram. And some days i came to know about this new neighbor of me, he was pretty much alike me how I used to be in my college days. Was kind of a stud surrounded by girls all the time, and was more of a football player also.

At first, he seemed little arrogant as he didn’t even bother to say hello and all. But one day he came to me asking about some garden equipment he wanted to borrow. That’s how the conversation started and I invited him for dinner the next day.

He brought a bottle of champagne and some chocolates for my kids too. Then we shared our interest and hobbies and he then told me about his ultimate past time of playing online slots and gambling sometimes too. He told me that he have it all under control, and never had craving to play at first place. Then he gave me the overview of it, how all these thing works and all. Then I insisted him to show me some of his moves while playing the real game. And that’s the part where he told me about this new game called “Multiplayer Wheel of Wealth” he was playing currently. He told me about the rules, some points to remember, how to start and finish and the most important how to make it stay a fun loving thing and not get addicted to it. That night I really had fun talking with him. Actually it gave me nostalgia, reminded me the days when I used to be like him and had very little things to care about.