Hey, last week I came to know that the king of online casino games company, “microgaming ” has launched this very amazing game that has been on the mouths of every admirer of slots. So I myself checked it price and reviews. Actually I decided to play some identical game on the land based machine first, as I have a business trip to Sydney where I can play it on real machines. As i frequently visit to the casino there so I took the membership of the club so I could spare some money. As with the membership they gave you some extra benefits and perks which can help you save some money really. After that i found some free poker machines which was new for me so i started playing online because they were no need to download not even in iPad. Anyone can play these best online pokies 4 free. For android users, there are many games which they can download full version of it.

Actually I took the platinum cards member in which they offer ultimate entertainment. With this sort of money and I can bet that the facilities really worth the money. Inside the club there were amazing dancers, the bartenders with the dress code. And the crowd, especially the girls that hangout there were marvelous, which made me put off my engagement ring. The entry cost that one will pay will not go in vain at all. And if the player really has the guts then he can really make the best out of it.

It came out be a very good place to hang out and have the quality time, out of the busy and hectic life of todays, the day went like hours and the hours went like minutes there. After I played some of the familiar games then I tried to play it on my android mobile. Obviously I installed the online version. The app was very easy to use, one can use the Facebook profile in order to play share and in invite the friends to play it. Since it is a metallic game, so the theme and every graphic will gave you the exact fell of the pure platinum metal. The symbols of the reel are also had the metallic look and the wild symbol is the Pure Platinum logo and the scatter symbol is the Platinum Disc and wheel of wealth.