A good slot machine is a must-have for everyone. First, find the “speaker machine” by taking two to three coins. You can then sit down and enjoy a few hours with the old one-armed bandit. Do you know how to play the slot machines? You bet!

These tips come directly from slot machine experts who have made millions of dollars by knowing the secrets to win.

Always play as many coins as possible. Playing as many coins as possible is the best thing. The maximum coin input is much more lucrative, especially if you can get striking combinations.

Avoid linked progressive machines. You can connect many advanced slot machines to other devices on a casino floor and create a massive jackpot for one lucky winner. It may look appealing, but the chances of winning the jackpot are slim. Instead, stay with standalone units for the best odds and highest payouts.

To see the machines, take a stroll around the casino floor. It’s tempting to jump in and start playing slots right away, but spending some time looking at the machines can make all the difference. In addition, you should pay attention to devices that regularly deliver so you can take advantage of the opportunity to play.

Only play the highest-paying slot machines. These machines are rarer than a Faberge egg. They pay 96% to 99 percent. So you should play if you find one.

Ask about the most popular machines. You can get valuable information from the casino floor staff about hot machines. While they might not be able to give you the whole story about how a device is programmed, they can tell you what they see with their own eyes. These people will also help you if they are well tipped.

Be within your financial comfort level. For example, you should be more comfortable with quarters than $1. This will make it harder to play brightly and more difficult to make mistakes that can quickly cause you to lose your bankroll.

Don’t follow up on bad losses with good ones. Poor gamblers make the standard error of losing too quickly and recovering quickly with higher denominations. This almost always results in significant losses. If you are failing at a $1 machine, it is best not to move to $5 devices.